This book is originally written as the author's Law Master's thesis. The book analyses horizontal shareholder conflicts arising from mergers across four jurisdictions by applying a comparative analysis method. The four analysed jurisdictions in this book are: (i) The United Kingdom, (ii) The United States of America, (iii) Germany, and (iv) Turkey. The results yielded by the comparison are supported by empirical evidence found across the analysed jurisdictions. The book concludes with a final assessment.(ARKA KAPAKTAN)

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Conflicts of Interests Arising in Mergers
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Sources of Conflicts Arising in Mergers

Chapter 2: Minority Shareholder Protection in Mergers
2.1. Minority Shareholder Protection Tools in Mergers
2.1.1. Minority Shareholder Decision Rights
2.1.2. Incentive Alignment Strategies
2.1.3. Constraints and Affiliation Rights
2.1.4. Exit Rights

Chapter 3: Conclusion